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Onion tree

ONION tree

Onion (Allium cepa) is one of the second most important commercial crops of the India which is next to Potato. In the world, Onion crop is grown in about 5.30 million hectare area with an annual production of 88.48 million tons with productivity 16.70 tons per hectare. China stands first in the Onion production (22.61 million tons from an area 1.03 million hectares area) in the world with productivity 21.85 tons per hectare followed by India. In India, Onion crop is grown in about 1.20 million hectare area with an annual production of 19.40 million tons with productivity 16.12 tons per hectare. The quantity of Onion 2415.75 thousand tons is exported from India which outputs value of 3, 10,650.09 Rs. lakhs. Summer/ rabi Onion is more commonly practiced for an irrigated crop, resulting in a high yield with large sized bulbs. Seedlings are first raised in the nursery. For summer/ rabi crop in India October to November is recomonded as sowing time. In Maharashtra it is transplanted during November to December. (Anon, 2018). About 10 to 12 Kg. seed is required to raise seedlings for one hectare transplanting. The seedlings are ready for transplanting 45-60 days after sowing. Over-aged seedlings result in bolting, taking longer time to start new growth. The spacing 15 x 10 cm. (row to plant) is recomonded for optimum population and higher yield.