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Assam is a state in northeastern India known for its wildlife, archeological sites and tea plantations. In the west, Guwahati, Assam’s largest city, features silk bazaars and the hilltop Kamakhya Temple. Umananda Temple sits on Peacock Island in the Brahmaputra river. The state capital, Dispur, is a suburb of Guwahati. The ancient pilgrimage site of Hajo and Madan Kamdev, the ruins of a temple complex.

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and is the second smallest planet in the solar system. Named after the Roman god of war, Mars is also often described as the “Red Planet” due to its reddish appearance. Mars is a terrestrial planet with a thin atmosphere composed primarily of carbon dioxide.

Alyss3a Carson space-obsessed girl, 17, ‘is working with Nasa to realise her life’s dream of becoming the first human on Mars’ as the agency plans a mission to the red planet for 2033
A black hole is a region of spacetime exhibiting such strong gravitational effects that nothing— not even particles and electromagnetic radiation such as light—can escape from inside it. The theory of general relativity predicts that a sufficiently compact mass can deform spacetime to form a black hole.

Chandrayaan-2 will attempt to soft land a lander and rover in a high plain between two craters, Manzinus C and Simpelius N, at a latitude of about 70° south. The wheeled rover will move on the lunar surface and will perform on-site chemical analysis. The data can be relayed to Earth through the Chandrayaan-2 orbiter as well as lander, which will fly on the same launch.[15][16][17] Launch of Chandrayaan-2 is scheduled for 14 July 2019 at 21:21 UTC,[5] and a successful landing would make India the 4th country to soft-land on the Moon, a feat achieved only by the space agencies of the US, USSR, and China.[18] If successful, Chandrayaan-2 will be the second mission to soft land near the lunar south pole after the Chang'e 4, a Chinese spacecraft, which landed on that region on 3 January 2019