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There are so many diseases in the world people are spending their money just to cure those diseases. But if you have Tulsi Power then you no need to worry. Its beneficial for Cold, Cough, Fever and constipation etc. You just need one drop daily to get rid of all the diseases. Tulsi Power is pure. Its very good for anti oxidant, anti bacterial, antiseptic, anti flu, anti biotic, anti diseases etc. • Tulsi found in five types. Tulsi, Ram Tulsi, Kapuri Tulsi, Wan Tulsi and Shavet Tulsi. Tulsi Power made by the extract of five tulsi types. • Its good for so many diseases like Cold & Cough, Fever, Constipation, Joint Pain, Headache, Ulcer, Weakness and Stress etc. • It makes our body active. ALTOS TOOTHPASTE

Orefresh toothpaste contains special herbal constituents that imparts whiteness and brightness to teeth. It helps to stop the accumulation of sticky substances on teeth. Healthy teeth which is not affected by foul smell, decay or bacteria, it becomes weak due to pyorrhea, and starts falling one after the another. The first stage of pyorrhea is gingivitis which happens due to accumulation of waste, food particles which causes tartar formation, lack of vitamin c, mental stress and imbalance ofhormones in the body. The regular use of orefresh toothpaste protects against diseases of gum & teeth that leads to healthy & white teeth. The herbal mixture in Orefresh Toothpaste maintains the whiteness of the teeth. • Removes the yellowishness of teeth due to stains of tea, coffee, cigarette, tobacco. Strengthens the weak gums and teeth. • Removes the sticky deposits due to accumulation of food particules. ALTOS PAINDON PLUS CAPSULES

Joint Pain: Arthritis means swelling along with pain in joints. Arthritis happens due to disturbance of our auto immune system in between 20-40 years or sometimes in early stages of life. It spreads quickly different body parts including fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, ankle joints within few weeks or months. It leads to weakness in the body including tiredness, fever and loss of weight. The afflicted joints suffers stiffness in early morning including inflammation which leads to pain on pressing and produces slight feeling of warmth in them. Exerts quick relief action. • Removes joint pain and inflammation. Corrects muscular pain. • Relieves throat pain and swelling. Providing nutrition to muscles and keeps them healthy. • Powerful ayurvedic remedy and is free of any side effects.

Altos enriche tea.